Being the largest in the industry it is a moral and social obligation for SAAD Group to act and react responsibly at the all level environmental and social sustainability issues, at its level best. Therefore ZnZ has been carrying out numbers of effective projects for environmental sustainability which has established SAAD Group as a leader of sustainable way textile manufacturer.
SAAD Group will continue to the leader in manufacturing home textile products in sustainable way. We will strive to mitigate the climate change risk related to our manufacturing process and reduce environmental impact by minimize pollution reduction at sources, optimize resources consumption by maximizing reuse & recycle. From the moral & social obligation we will promote human rights, increase diversity, encourage personal development of co-worker and increase community involvement. We will lead in innovation for cleaner production with focus on efficiency, continual improvement and performance bench-marking which will facilitate our customers to choose more sustainable product.


6 Million yards of denim fabrics production per month

Latest Ozone machine integrated into our composite complex

World class ETP Plant Facility

Environmentally compliant

Integrated with Social and Environmental responsibilities


Performing at 90% Efficiency, Rejection 1.4% ( Contributes towards better quality).

Facility of Rope – Airjet – Rapier – Ozone De-sizing machine.

Lab with all testing facilities. Accredited by H&M.

Fully compliant environment. Cogeneration from all Generators’ exhaust and hot water.

Un-interrupted captive power supply.


Hemp: Hemp is one of the strongest and most durable natural fibers. It’s hold its shape, stress less and naturally resistance to mold or UV light. hemp isn’t dependent on synthetic chemistries; its cultivation has a carbon footprint lower than cotton. Hemp is an extremely first growing crop and need less water.  Farmers can glean twice as much usable fiber per acre from a hemp field than a cotton one. Hemp is more water absorbent, cool in warm weather and warm in winter days.


Tencel: TENCEL™ Denim cellulosic fiber, regenerate from Eucalyptus wood, is more absorbent than cotton and very soft to skin. Tencel fabrics with high moisture modulus have very low shrinkage. Tencel fibers can be completely decomposed in the soil and are environmentally friendly. It has rich drape properties, good abrasion resistance and excellent moisture management properties.  it is a kind of cellulose fiber with wet strength much better than cotton. With the environmental protection manufacturing process, let the lifestyle based on the protection of the natural environment, fully meet the needs of modern consumers


Women Empowerment

No Child labour

Timely salary disbursement

Minimum wages

Medical leave

Recreational facilities

Day care center for infants

Dinning facility

Medical center & ambulance facility

Living accommodations for plant workers

Hygienic dinning & pure drinking water facilities

Training Center for human development

Prayer room facility

ATM Booth facility

We are always here to listen you