Sufia Cotton Mills Ltd. (Weaving)


Year of established




Production Capacity

To establish ourselves as a one stop source for the global weaving market.
To satisfy and meet customer’s expectation by developing and providing products and services on time, Which offer value in terms of quality, price, safety& social responsibility.
To assure complete compliance with the international quality standards.
To provide the employees internationally acceptable working condition/standards.
To promote the development and best use of human talent & equal opportunity employment
To attain highest level of competence through continuous development of the professional management system and to ensure complete transparency in all aspects of business.

Our Process

Spinning Bobbin for Winding > Roll Winding for Spool Production >Warp Yarn Preparation > Cone Winding or Pre-Winding > Warping > Sizing > Drafting in Drawing in > Denting > Looming > Weaving (Interlacement of Warp & Weft Yarn)

Major Machineries

Major Clients NDML

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"To achieve the goal it should have a definite aim. In Textile & Garment it is a team work. From the beginning, Sufia Cotton Mills Ltd. (Weaving) working as a team to achieve its goal. Due to hard works & sincerity of the all members of Sufia Cotton Mills Ltd. (Weaving) it could achieve up-to this standard we hope in near future it will improve more and will be a unique Spinner in Bangladesh."

  • Factory Location
    Mulaid, Sreepur, Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Corporate Office
    10/2, Gawsia Kashem Centre, 1st & 2nd floor, Arambag Culvert Road, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka - 1000, Bangladesh

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